I was standing, straddled across the back of an open-air jeep, with my head down. My film had just ran out, when the guide said to me "Don't move. Breathe, but just don't move".  There before me, only 2 metres away was a lone lion.  His eyes were so focused on mine. It was like watching a bullet travel in slow motion towards its target. A detour was out of the question.  I gasped for breath.  His mane resembled a caramel coloured, 'eighties', over-teased afro.  Confident of his own masculinity, he started to circle the jeep.  As each muscle contracted with every step, I observed an abnormally high definition of detail protruding visibly through his skin.  My heart was beating so damn hard and loud that I thought I was being ambushed by native warriors.  Although spellbound, it wasn't long before I snapped into consciousness.  My mind quickly focused as I realised my only concern was the majestic lion in front of me!

Zimbabwe 1991  

May 26, 2008 5:02 PM

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